Questions And Answers
You May Find Helpful


We love talking about the business of retirement. Here are a number of questions (and answers) you may find helpful.

Do you work with clients of North Carolina?

Absolutely. We appreciate the many relationships we have with companies throughout the Southeast and across the country. We are excited to work with our clients where ever they establish offices.

Are QRPS' fees based upon retirement plan assets?

No. QRPS works exclusively on a completely transparent and clearly communicated fee schedule for our expert service. This allows us to remain completely independent and fully support the investment choices made by your investment professional. We are a non-competitive partner to brokers and advisors who work with us. We thought this was the right way to do business long before it was fashionable.

What is your corporate philosophy?

Simply put—providing clients choice. We realize each business and their owners and employees have different needs and goals that drives their retirement plan strategy. Our expertise and independence allows us to design, implement and manage a custom-tailored plan designed expressly to meet your unique needs.

What resources do you provide to help me better understand the operation of my plan?

We have a library of short, concise videos that are an excellent tool for plan sponsors to better understand their role in managing an effective plan. Click here. Additionally, with your email address, we will be happy to include you in our bi-monthly email newsletter which will provide you with timely articles affecting your plan. Contact Us to sign up and view the Article Library.

Do you sell investments as part of your retirement plan services?

No, never. QRPS works exclusively with financial professionals who can select from thousands of funds to create a unique fund line up that serves your plan and employees the best.

Does QRPS provide investment advisory services?

QRPS does not provide investment advisory services. We are an independent, fee-for-service retirement plan specialist. Our independence means we have the flexibility to work with your preferred financial professional to deliver a best-in-class retirement solution.

What investment and recordkeeping partners does QRPS work with?

QRPS has diligently developed deep relationships, in many cases built over decades, with a number of very highly regarded national firms who specialize in providing low-cost funds and recordkeeping services to small to mid-sized employers. To learn more about our partners, click here.